He Never Failed Me Yet


  1. Print out music
  2. Use the music track to practice and record
    • The track includes Soprano and alto. Tenors and Basses you will get it easily!
    • In the repeated section at 55 the scheme will be:
      • Loud 2 times (the section is repeated so you will sing the whole phrase 4 times).
      • Medium 2 times
      • Soft 2 times – the 4th time you sing the phrase you will crescendo back to loud (you will hear it in the track).
    • The last note will be different for the altos and tenors. Altos will sing a G then an F. Tenors will sing an Eb then a D.

Upload your video

  • Upload your video using the steps below

He Never Failed Me Yet

  • Click above link
  • Click Upload or plus in the top menu bar
  • If you clicked plus then you will have to click upload
  • Click Files
  • From there you should be able to navigate on your phone to the video you recorded
  • Select the video and hit done
  • Since the file is very large it will take a while to upload, it might even take 15-20 min


The Deadline to submit your videos is Monday, June 22 at noon.