Each week, a group of God-loving individuals meet for prayer, praise, and the study of God’s Holy Word. Yet this is no ordinary gathering…it is both diverse and unique! As our community’s members are all ages, professions, and from widely varying walks of life, we celebrate our diversity and uniqueness in that we are connected not only as a community – we consider ourselves a family!


Join us at our weekly community on Sundays at 8:30am in Room 107. We focus on a different book of the Bible each quarter, performing a concentrated study of God’s Word.


Class Teacher:  Steve Farish


Ministry Update from International Student Outreach (ISI), MAY 2019

Jesus is still TRANSFORMING lives

Dear Friends, Praise God, our Father, who is still bringing souls into His kingdom. Through the International student outreach, we are fulfilling the Great Commission by leading students into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ and making them disciples. Two more souls have been added to the kingdom.


One of our medical students from China, whom we shall call “J” has a wonderful sense of humor and just plain natural charisma. (Incidentally, one of his passions is LEGO). Anyway, he quickly connects with others and his ear-to-ear smile brings encouragement to everyone that he meets. Yet, even with his natural magnetism and warm personality, deep questions bothered him. “Is there a God? Who is He? Does He care about me? Does He have a plan for my life? For 1 year, in addition to our regular group bible studies, “J” and I met weekly for 1-on-1 individual bible study. God used these meetings and the support and encouragement from other members of the team and other members of the Moody church and the LaSalle street church to convince “J” that indeed God really wanted him. In Acts 26, Paul said that he had been sent “to open their eyes, so that they may turn from darkness to light and from the power of Satan to God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins and a place among those who are sanctified by faith in me.” Praise God, we have done that and today, “J” is a new Christ-follower. Yes, I confess—I love the ministry that God has called me to because I love seeing God work in the lives of international students whose hearts He has prepared.


Another student from China whom we shall call “SX” has just graduated from UIC as a Chemical Engineer. Here is an excerpt from the letter she wrote to us after graduation. “Thank you for the love that you have shown me in so many ways. Thank you for being special friends. You reached out to me and brought me to God. I am deeply grateful to know God’s glory. May you all continue to be filled with the aromas of peace and love. Thanks for being compassionate, helpful, reliable, trustworthy, thoughtful, awesome and hilarious.” SX was very quiet and unassuming but pensive and very analytical. She had many poignant questions about what being a follower of Christ really meant. Praise God that today, “SX” is returning to China as a brand-new person—a sister in Christ. I think she will be a GREAT witness, even though she is concerned about how to share her testimony back home in an environment that is hostile to Christianity. Yes, God is working mightily and wonderfully, and we are happy to partner with Him as He brings His kingdom to life into the hearts of many.


Blessings, Ron “aka Rick” Ingram


PS: Thank you for your kind responses to these updates and thanks for sharing things that I can also be in prayer about for you. It is my boundless joy to partner with you. To help this outreach continue reaching international students and scholars, take advantage of easy online giving: go to: http://www.isionline.org/Donate/RonIngam.aspx and follow the instructions.

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New Series Beginning October 20

Come join the Light and Life Community as we launch a new teaching series on 2 Peter beginning Sunday, October 20. The overall focus of 2 Peter is on the power of God to completely transform the lives of his people, so that we are able to bear abundant spiritual fruit.  Written perhaps during a time of persecution, 2 Peter also comforts Christians with the certain knowledge of God’s victories–both now and at the end of the age. We enjoy our class in all its diversity, and if the Lord would so lead, we would love for you to join us for this series.

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