Overview of Moody Church Missions

While the Great Commission gives us clear instructions to share the Gospel and make disciples, HOW we go about doing that is left to the leading of the Holy Spirit.  At The Moody Church we have 3 strategic categories of focus: Sending Missionaries, Key Global Initiatives (KGIs), and Hope for Kids. See below for more details on each.

Sending Missionaries

The Moody Church has a long history of sending people to the field supported by discipleship, prayer, and finances.  Today we have 46 such people, couples, and families scattered across the globe.  Our missionaries engage in any number of activities, all focused on advancing the Gospel and discipling believers.

Key Global Initiatives

Key Global Initiatives (KGIs) support indigenous believers who are evangelizing and discipling in their culture of origin primarily through the local church, often in places Westerners cannot easily access. KGIs are trusted partners that are empowering the local church to be salt and light in their community. Priorities include church-planting, unreached people groups, following existing movements of the Holy Spirit, and leveraging technology to improve access and reach.

Hope for Kids Partners

Hope for Kids builds on Moody Church’s heritage as a Sunday school for children who weren’t welcome at other churches.  D. L. Moody would invite kids from the worst neighborhoods to attend his church.  Today, we partner with a variety of organizations here in Chicago and around the world that care for vulnerable children and equip them to be leaders in their schools, churches, vocations, and homes as they mature.