As part of our desire for a successful partnership in the work of the Kingdom, we ask each missionary unit to complete a self-evaluation form and financial statement. These confidential questionnaires assist us in supporting you and holding us all accountable for our partnership in the ministry. Moreover, they help us know how to best aid and pray for you. We care about how you’re doing and want to partner with you well.


The self-evaluation form is below. Upon completion, you’ll be directed to the financial statement questionnaire. Please complete both forms by January 22, 2022.


Spouses: please fill out one form for each couple. If you have different answers, please delineate between them by marking the husband’s response as H and the wife’s response as W.


Note for Consortium missionaries: No need to duplicate this process – please send us a copy of an evaluation you’ve filled out for one of the other churches if already completed.