Chicago Conference February 2023

Jesus Christ is known the world over for his teachings, and he is widely admired for His wisdom and insight. He is often associated with kindness, gentleness, meekness, and love – even love for one’s enemies. His life has impacted world history like no one else, and He has inspired many. But when we think of Jesus, we tend not to consider Him for His intellect. Yet, no one would deny that as the Son of God he must have been the smartest man who ever lived.


In fact, Jesus was a genius, and His genius can be seen in His teachings. Dr. Peter J. Williams, Principal of Tyndale House, Cambridge, will explore the teachings of Jesus and pull the curtain back on Jesus’s incredible intellect.


Sponsored by the CS Lewis Institute and The Moody Church.

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Speaker Bio

Peter J. Williams, Professor, is the Principal of Tyndale House, Cambridge and a Affiliated Lecturer at the University of Cambridge. He earned his M.A., M.Phil. and Ph.D. at Cambridge University studying ancient languages related to the Bible. Dr. Williams originally planned to become a Bible translator, but after seeing how many students of the Bible did not recognize its authority, Williams decided to change his professional direction and become an evangelical scholar in order to advance confessional scholarship. Dr. Williams is also Chair of the International Greek New Testament Project and a member of the Translation Committee of the English Standard Version of the Bible.