Level 1

Level 1 consists of five core courses designed to help you start down the road to deeper understanding and maturity. These courses help you better understand the Bible and our faith, deepen your prayer life, enable you to defend Christianity against difficult questions, and provide the tools you need to share you faith with others.


Our strong desire is that everyone will take all of our core courses, so pick the one that piques your interest and dive in! You’ll find that all of our core courses complement and build on each other, strengthening your faith and your relationship with the Lord as you learn and fellowship with other students. Students who finish all five of our core Level One courses will receive a certificate of completion.


A $20 course fee covers the costs of all textbooks and printed materials.  Completion requirements for credit include an attendance record of 80% and completion of 75% of the reading and/or homework. Each course has not only an academic component, but also a practical component that can be used in life and ministry, and our desire is that you can demonstrate a practical grasp of the material covered and a proficiency in the use of the subject matter.

Level 2

Level 2 consists of a rotating schedule of elective courses designed to deepen your ability to grasp the faith, use your gifts, and share the gospel. Many Level 2 classes have Level 1 prerequisites. We try to develop new classes each year, while bringing back existing classes as we are able.


Course fees cover the costs of all textbooks and materials. Fees range from $10 to $40 depending on the course.

Policies and Procedures

Equipping classes run on the semester schedule. Registration opens approximately three weeks prior to the start of each semester, and remains open through the first session of each class or until the class reaches its enrollment limit. Walk-up registrations are welcome the first day of class provided that space is available.


Each class has a limit to the number of students who can enroll. This is not to limit anyone’s opportunity to take a class, but to enhance the classroom experience for everyone as you interact with your fellow learners and with your instructors.


Registration closes after the first class period. If you want to take a class but know that you’ll miss the first week, please pre-register prior to the first class session.


Registration and payment are required in order to attend these classes. Auditing is not permitted. You can register for up to two classes in a given semester.


Payment is due at or before the first class session unless prior arrangements have been made with Pastor Kirk Baker. Limited scholarship funds are available on a case-by-case basis for financially needy students, but must be requested from and approved by Pastor Baker.


The instructor of each course has the final say as to who receives credit for that course.


Any listed Level One prerequisites must be completed (including meeting the attendance and homework requirements) in order to register for a Level Two course.


If you miss a class, you are responsible to get the information from that class. Copies of missed materials can be picked up the following session. We encourage you to ask your fellow students about any notes. Instructors are not able to provide their teaching notes and/or presentations to students.

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