We’re so glad you are interested in becoming a member of The Moody Church! Here you’ll find many resources used in our Discover Your Church Seminar.

Click here for an online copy of The Moody Church Constitution.

Due to technical difficulties, we used videos from a previous seminar.  Please watch the sessions as directed below.


Session 1: Watch week 1 from 15:15-29:40, 54:16-1:22:40.

Session 2: Watch week 1 from 6:33-15:00, 29:40-41:40; Watch Week 2 from 0-12:30, 33:13-47:33, 1:43:00-end

Session 3: Watch week 2 from 13:30-33:13, 47:33-58:21, 1:20:00-1:40:00


Video for Week 1

Video for Week 2

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