Thank you for your interest in joining our team to get people connected to our family!

Members of the Connection Team serve on a monthly basis to help connect the disconnected; whether a person is new to The Moody Church or has been attending for years the goal of this team is to help them find their place in the body of Christ. Members of this team should regularly attend a TMC Community, small group, or other regular ministry. They should enjoy meeting strangers, and be willing to escort newcomers to classrooms on various floors. Church membership is not required.

Please fill out the application below and we will get in touch with you shortly.

Important Information For Becoming A Connector

Assist “unconnected” attendees of The Moody Church (TMC), in joining a Community, small group, classes and service ministries, using their God-given gifts.  “Connectors” volunteer to help TMC fulfill its Promise Statement: “The Moody Church is a trusted place where anyone can connect with God and others.” With Hebrews 13:1-2 in mind, connectors seek to love strangers (philoxenia, hospitality) into siblings (philadelphia, brotherly-love) through Communities, Classes and Serving opportunities.

Anyone who is comfortable conversing with strangers, able to guide them to classrooms, and introduce them to Community’s greeter, teacher or leadership person. Regular involvement in a Community is preferred.

  • Before making a commitment to becoming a Connector, a prospective Connector observes at the Center to watch Connectors interact with and assist congregants, then ask any questions they might have.
  • If someone then wishes to become a Connector, he/she submits a completed application then their name will then be brought to Ministry Staff for input. Following approval of the applicant, the new Connector is given a badge, selects a regular Sunday to serve (9:45-11:45AM, once a month), is introduced by email to other Connectors, and receives the schedule and roster of Connectors. A church tour is given to familiarize the Connector with all common areas of church.
  • Connectors ideally will serve a trial period of 3 months to determine if it’s a good fit.
  • Connector serves with a team of 4-5 others, once monthly, until all needs are met.
  • If unable to serve on a scheduled Sunday, the Connector should find a substitue, emailing all on the Connector roster.
  • When arriving at the center, put on badge; put out highlighters, pens, iPad; lock up personal belongings, tidy up.
  • If you attend the service on a week you are serving plan to join the service at the beginning of the sermon and return to your station after the preacher closes in prayer.
  • One Connector each Sunday should stay to hear all final announcements, then brief all Connectors at the Center.
  • Have fresh breath. Greet people with a BIG smile & eye contact. Ask how long they’ve been coming to TMC (NOT if it’s their 1st time).
  • Discuss community, class and service options. Highlight their options on the materials.
  • Escort them to a possible community. On the way, point out room signage, restrooms, etc. At the community, introduce them to a teacher or leadership contact & ask that person to help the newcomer get settled.
  • Before closing the Center, restock the racks, tidy up, secure iPad, highlighters, etc., and – if you’re the key person – lock up. Notify head Connector if low on any supplies.

AND PRAYING   Connectors, please regularly pray for the Connection ministry: team unity; opportunities to assist; wisdom to help each visitor find good options his or her needs, interests, and abilities; and for any ill or injured Connector.