Reflections 2019, Now Open

Reflections is an exhibit of visual art and literary journal presented by The Moody Church Artist Circle. It will be displayed in October 2019.


The Moody Church Artist Circle presents Reflections 2019: Family, our annual visual art exhibit and literary journal. This year’s theme is Family: the family of God, biological or adopted family, or friends who are as close as family.
Each year, our artists and writers come together to present a beautiful collection of artistic expressions, meant to share with creativity and ingenuity the lessons and insights God has given them. The Artist Circle aims to introduce artistic expressions into the life and worship environment of our church body.


Take time to walk through the exhibit, have your Bible open in hand to read the passages the artists have selected, and be fed by the Word in this unique and beautiful medium.


Literary Journals will be available for a suggested donation of $10.

Literary Journal, Now available for download


To submit, please adhere to the following:

  • Entrants should be members or regular attenders of The Moody Church
  • Prose, both fiction and creative non-fiction, should be no longer than ten pages
  • Poems and song lyrics should be no longer than one page
  • Excerpts of scripts should contain a summary and should be no longer than ten pages
  • Excerpts of longer pieces or previously published selections will be accepted
  • As we hope to include as many submissions as possible, entrants are welcome to submit multiple pieces


Submissions (both forms and emailed pieces) are due Sunday, August 4, 2019.

Once you have completed the submission form, please email your
first draft of your submission to Submissions should be sent as Microsoft Word documents, formatted in 12-point Times New Roman font, double-spaced, with one-inch margins.

Art Exhibit, Now on display in the Extended Lobby


Artwork Eligibility

  • You may include a Scripture reference with your piece, though it is not required; a brief description of your piece (no more than 100 words) is still required.
  • All forms of visual media are encouraged (painting, drawing, photography, graphic design, animation, ceramics, sculpture, crafts, concept art, etc.)
  • This year, we’re challenging visual artists to depict humans, whether in part or in whole, as part of interpreting the theme of Family. If you need advice on how to incorporate or depict people in your work, feel free to reach out to and we’ll journey with you in the process.


Selection Process

  • All submissions will be reviewed by the Artist Circle Leadership Team. Art will be selected on the basis of general quality as well as sustainability for this exhibit.
  • As soon as we receive your submission form, you will have a space reserved at the art show for your work. Please see the deadlines below. If artwork is not received by this deadline, your space may be opened up.



  • Submission Forms will not be accepted after Sunday September 8, 2019
  • Actual pieces are due to Bryan Butler at the church by Sunday September 22, 2019     


Initial Informational Guidelines

  • Each artist can display up to 3 pieces.
  • For 2D pieces, artwork must not exceed 48” (4ft) on its longest side.
  • For 3D pieces (sculptures, etc.): artwork must be under 100 lb and must not exceed 60” (5ft) on its longest side.
  • All artwork must be professionally displayed. Please ensure 2D artwork is properly framed or otherwise prepared for display and ready to hang. See next tab for examples of “Ready to Hang”.
  • Pillars and/or display tables will be provided by The Moody Church Artist Circle for 3D artwork.
  • Artwork location in the exhibit will be determined by the Exhibit Coordinators.

Ready-to-hang means:

  • Your work has proper, and professional, hanging hardware installed
  • If you used paint, the paint is completely dry
  • If you used adhesive, the adhesive is fully cured (dry)
  • If you used spray paint or certain adhesives, for example, the piece has had plenty of time to off-gas so it no longer smells.

D-Rings Work For Nearly Every Type Of Art

D-Rings are your best option. You use one on either end of your art and use picture wire to connect them (pull the wire as taught as you can).  When you purchase these, they come with screws. Make sure you get the ones with Phillip-head screws, not flathead screws.  These are super easy to install with a small cordless drill. In the picture you see 3 different types of d-rings. The center one is for heavier pieces which is why it has two screws.

Some frames and/or other backing materials may not be thick enough for the screws that come with the d-rings.  In those cases, you have two options.  First, attach a small piece of wood on the back of your frame using wood glue.  If this is not an option, then you’ll need to get small screws or use a washer with the screw.

Screw Eyes / Eye Screws Are Great For Canvases

These work very well for canvases. Using your fingers, push and turn the into the wood of the canvas. Screw them into the inner sides rather than sticking out the back. Then, like with the d-rings, you run picture wire through the two loops.  These come in a variety of sizes, from tiny to industrial size.

Where To Buy

  • Craft stores
  • Hardware stores
  • Stores like Wal-Mart and Target
  • Drugstores like Walgreens
  • Online retailers