2018 Annual Meeting: October 28th

The Semi-Annual Meeting of the membership will be held on October 28 at 11:30AM, in the Sanctuary immediately following the morning service. All members are encouraged to participate. All 11:30am classes and Communities are set aside to allow members to attend the meeting. TMC Kids will end at 11:30 to allow volunteers to attend.

2017 Annual Meeting Summary

The October 29, 2017 Annual Meeting was called to order by Senior Pastor Bill Bertsche as he read from Matthew 16:13-18, followed by Elder Tony Durns with prayer. 455 members were in attendance. Members overwhelmingly approved the full slate of leadership candidates and Deaconesses.


In the report from the Finance Committee, Treasurer Jonathan Hauser reported that fiscal year 2017 giving was $6,162.209, which was short of budget by approximately $680,000. Expenses were under budget by approximately $418,000. The spending breakdown was 35% for ministry, 30% for facilities, 22% for administration, and 13% for missionary support. Complete details of the Treasurer’s Report can be found on pages 16-20 of the printed 2017 annual report.


In the Ministry Report, Pastor Bertsche said the church is focusing on the theme of Warmth and Witness in the coming year. He said that a warm welcome is the “secret sauce” that makes visitors feel comfortable and inclined to return to the church. Our personal witness for Christ is an equally important priority because, according to statistics, most believers have a difficult time sharing their testimonies with others. This coming year, The Moody Church is striving to equip members to share the gospel more naturally and organically.


The upcoming Thanksgiving Offering will be directed refurbishing the Christian Life Center (CLC). After a decade of heavy usage, the CLC needs refreshed carpeting and furniture. Other plans include the installation of a canopy at the 1635 LaSalle entrance as well as exterior digital signage to promote ministry events to neighbors and other passersby. Interior digital signage would be installed in areas of the church that were previously wired but not built out.


Speaking on behalf of the Elders, Bev Peterson outlined a proposal for a Shared Leadership Structure. The proposal directs the Pastoral Search Committee to focus on finding a new Lead Teaching Pastor for the church. A full write-up of the proposal is available here.


The floor was opened for comments. Many of those in attendance stepped forward to ask questions, seek clarification on certain details, and share their own perspectives.


After the Q&A, Pastor Bertsche returned to the platform to thank everyone for their input and to offer his own thoughts about how the Lord might work through this shared leadership model. Michael Pitts called for a vote of affirmation of this plan: 312 members were in favor and 32 were opposed. Mr. Pitts thanked the members for the robust discussion and reminded everyone to continue to pray for the work of the Search Committee and the Elders.

Questions or Comments?