Join the 21 Day Challenge!

Whether you’re a believer in Christ, simply interested in investigating the Christians faith, or even a skeptic, accept the 21-Day Challenge! The Gospel of John has 21 chapters, so commit to reading a chapter a day for 21 days. There is no substitute for being exposed to this first-century, first-hand account of the life of Jesus Christ.

If you come across a passage that’s difficult for you to understand, or if you’re struggling with questions about how the story could have happened, don’t let that keep you from reading a chapter a day. Write down your questions in a notebook and keep reading. If you’d like to engage in conversation or ask questions, contact us as or 312-327-8600.

As you read, consider these questions:

  1. How is Jesus differing from other teachers, gurus, or prophets?
  2. How does Jesus live up to his claim to be the Son of God?
  3. Why do you think John gives us so much detail about Jesus’ death and resurrection?
  4. In light of what you’ve learned, what should your response to Jesus be?

Online Bible Resources

There are a few easy places to access the Bible for free online or through your mobile device:

  1. YouVersion Bible App: great for mobile
  2. Online Bible: great for desktop or reading online