139 Friends Night

5PM-7PM | Room 307

Families and Friends with special needs, you’re invited to a night of fellowship, food, and fun. Come to one or ALL three of these special nights as we celebrate God’s goodness and grace in our lives this Summer! 139 Friends Nights are dedicated to providing an inclusive night of fun for families and groups affected by developmental and intellectual disabilities.


*139 Friends Night is not a drop-off program



  • June 29th, 2024 – Disco Night
  • July 27th, 2024 – Christmas in July Night
  • August 31st, 2024 – Game Show Night


  • June 28th, 2025 – TBD
  • July 26th, 2025 – TBD
  • August 30th, 2025 – TBD


Registration is FREE but required!


If you are interested in volunteering at one or ALL of these events, (instead of registering) please email Elizabeth Wade.

Coordinator:  Elizabeth Wade