Co-Laborers Community

Co-Laborers Class | Sundays at 11:30AM and every 1st and 3rd Wednesday at 6PM


The Co-Laborers Community is specifically designed for adults who have special learning needs. We are currently meeting Sundays at 11:30 a.m. for fellowship and Bible study.

Every 1st and 3rd Wednesday at 6:00pm, we are having a virtual hangout via Zoom. If you would like to participate in this, you can contact us by clicking the button below.

If you are new to our church or to Co-Laborers and we ask that you please register your loved one by filling out an IWP (Individual Worship Plan) for them, you can do so by clicking below.

Leadership: Pastor Eric Targe

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • We don’t like labels- but they can be helpful in providing a minimal level of understanding.
  • What he/she is good at. What they do well.
  • What kinds of things are difficult for him/her to do that would be helpful for us to know? Please include any fears/aversions (if applicable)
  • How does he/she communicate best (Output AND Input)? e.g. verbal, gestures, ASL, electronic device, PECS cards, single words, etc.
  • What does he/she really enjoy doing? e.g. hobbies, favorite things/activities
  • e.g. does he/she need assistance with mobility (walking/rolling)? Writing/Cutting/Gluing (hand over hand)?
  • Please Check One (additional comments can be made below in ‘Other Information’ Box)
  • If the person is having a difficult time participating with the group, what is a helpful way to encourage participation? And/Or what are techniques that will NOT be helpful? Specifically, what are preferred “praise” methods (high-fives, stickers, words, etc.)?
  • If “yes,” we will contact you for details and collaboration
  • Could be Spiritual, Social, Behavioral, etc.
  • Someone besides parents *Please include relationship to the individual (aunt/uncle/ neighbor, etc.) *Please include Phone number


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