About our Blind Ministry

Do you have a loved one who is blind or are you yourself blind or vision impaired? The Moody Church is seeking ways to connect with ministries for those who are blind and vision impaired to help those with visual disabilities to connect with God and others.

Service in Braille

If you or a family member read Braille and will be attending our service this Sunday, we encourage you to stop by the Information Desk outside of the Sanctuary to request a Braille Binder that has our songs, scripture passages and more transcribed to Braille so that you can easily follow along in the service.

Braille Bibles

If you are interested in using a Braille Bible during the service or for personal study please contact eric.targe@moodychurch.org. We currently have Bibles in both Grade 1 and Grade 2 Braille. Due to the limited number of resources we ask that Braille Bibles stay on the church premises at all times.

Want to Learn Braille?

Would you or someone you know benefit from learning braille? Email us and we would love to help connect you with a Braille teacher who can help you learn to read and be able to study God’s Word.