Welcome to the Your Marriage/Your Family community! We curiously refer to ourselves as “YMYFs” (pronounced “yim yifs”), communicate routinely via email, and meet regularly each Sunday morning at 11:30am in Room 108.


When you visit YMYF, you’ll encounter a large and loving group of married couples and single parents who are serious about understanding and obeying God’s Word. Many of us have been married ten years or less, others quite a few more years than that; some have have children, and some do not.  We come from all parts of the Chicago area and represent a variety of church backgrounds, ethnicities, educational backgrounds, and occupations. We range in age mostly from the 20s to the 50s (excluding our mentors/teachers, Pastor Bob Gunter and his wife, Linda).


The YMYFs actively help new moms with meals, meet in a variety of small Bible study groups, and host family events like periodic fellowship luncheons, family movie nights, apple picking, and holiday celebrations. We also have a bi-annual fall retreat.


God is blessing us with growth both numerically and, most importantly, spiritually. We’ll see you there.

Leadership: Pastor Bob Gunter

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