The Moody Church

Veritas is a TMC Community focused on connection. Connection with God, connection with each other, and connection with ministry both inside and outside of our local community. We are committed to weekly exposition and application of God’s Word in the context of in-class small groups that foster discussion and spiritual growth. Small groups that meet regularly during the week will naturally flow out of these relationships developed during class. Veritas will connect with a local ministry and a global mission project to provide service opportunities for us to make a tangible impact for Christ as a community group.

Our teacher is Daniel Chookaszian, and we meet Sunday mornings at 11:30am in Room 103.

Connect Through

Connecting with other believers nurtures our spiritual growth. TMC Communities and Ministries offer ways, both large and small, throughout the year to get connected into The Moody Church.

Learn & Grow

Our spiritual growth occurs in direct proportion to knowing, understanding and applying the Bible in our lives. We offer classes, seminars, luncheons with guest speakers, and other learning opportunities throughout the year to help you in your spiritual walk.

Membership Discovery Classes Equipping Classes Financial Stewardship Classes Precept Bible Studies
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MBN Distinguished Speaker Luncheons Whitefield Luncheons Critical Conversations

Our growth in Christ is often demonstrated by our desire to serve others using our God-given gifts and abilities.