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In 2014, The Moody Church partnered with Call of Hope to send thousands of Bibles and other goods to Muslim refugees fleeing the war in Syria and Lebanon. We were overjoyed to hear that the Lord used these Bibles to bring people to Himself, and a great many others were exposed for the first time to the hope of the gospel. For this year’s Redemption Project, we are again partnering with Call of Hope through the Goat Project.

Girl with goat

The Call of Hope “Goat Project” provides female goats to needy Christian families in Ghana and Nigeria. When the goat produces offspring, they can be sold at market and the proceeds can be used for school fees and other necessary items for the children to receive their education.

Since its inception, over 10,000 goats have been provided to vulnerable children and their families in West Africa. Once neighboring Muslims witnessed the success of the program, they began asking for goats as well. Call of Hope then began including Muslim children in the program, which offered the unique opportunity to share the love and gospel of Jesus Christ. The love of God is a foreign concept to most Muslims, so Christians showing them love in this material way is powerful witness for Jesus. 

For just $60, you can mightily bless a poor family in West Africa and build a bridge to reaching Muslims with the gospel of Jesus Christ! You can donate directly to the Redemption Project by designating “Call of Hope” on your offering.

For more information about how to get involved, please visit the Redemption Project kiosk in Memorial Hall after this morning’s service. More information is also available on the Call of Hope website.