Each week, a group of God-loving individuals meet for prayer, praise, and the study of God’s Holy Word. Yet this is no ordinary gathering…it is both diverse and unique! As our community’s members are all ages, professions, and from widely varying walks of life, we celebrate our diversity and uniqueness in that we are connected not only as a community – we consider ourselves a family!


Join us at our weekly community on Sundays at 8:30am in Room 107. We focus on a different book of the Bible each quarter, performing a concentrated study of God’s Word.


Class Teacher:  Steve Farish

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2 Peter

Come join the Light and Life Community with the teaching series on 2 Peter.  The overall focus of 2 Peter is on the power of God to completely transform the lives of his people, so that we are able to bear abundant spiritual fruit.  Written perhaps during a time of persecution, 2 Peter also comforts Christians with the certain knowledge of God’s victories–both now and at the end of the age. We enjoy our class in all its diversity, and if the Lord would so lead, we would love for you to join us for this series.

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