Seniors in Service!

One out of every five people in the United States is over 65. Where are you?

About Us

Christian Fellowship is a TMC Community designed to address and meet the needs of seniors and those who have a heart to fellowship with seniors—and that includes couples, singles, widows and widowers. The class provides practical biblical instruction in an informal setting. Here attendees and visitors will find fellowship as warm and inviting as the coffee that is always available.

Senior does not mean “Sit in the rocker!” We need you.

Mind Your Mind

What Is Mind Your Mind?

Date April 6, 2016
Author Pastor Larry McCarthy Jr
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As we grow older, we all begin to worry about slowing down, both physically and mentally. Physical activity, regular exercise, and a good diet are each great tools we can use to keep ourselves in good physical condition. “Well,” you say, “yes, Pastor Larry, I know that regular exercise helps …