Congratulations to all mothers present today! We thank God for you and the great responsibility you have to rear your children and to pray for them that they might walk in God’s ways. A special tribute goes to the single mothers among us who must juggle so many demands to earn a living and also care for their children. Motherhood under the best of conditions is challenging but also rewarding.

Next week, the NATO conference attendees will be arriving in Chicago. We can confidently predict that our ability to get around in the city will be greatly challenged. However, almost certainly the streets will be open on Sunday, and quite possibly we will have many visitors. Most of all, we want to pray for those who will be arriving – the dignitaries from all over the world, the news reporters, the thousands of guests, and yes, the demonstrators. We hope that the conference will be both peaceful and profitable.

Thanks for your partnership in a great ministry!

All for the King
Pastor Lutzer