Freedom Sisters is a group of women who hold Bible studies for women inmates at the Cook County Jail on Saturday. This ministry is led by Heather Bausell under Mary Lowman’s oversight. Our group is divided into two groups, one going on the first Saturday of each month and the other on the third Saturday.


We go to the women’s jail from 12:00 to 1:30, where we meet with the women in various rooms—or “pods”—and we share Bible truth that can truly set these women free. To be a part of this ministry, you must apply to the ministry through Heather Bausell, and then an extensive application has to be submitted to the Cook County Sheriff’s office for approval.


Below is more information on involvement in this ministry, as well as application forms.


  • Freedom Sisters Info Sheet
  • Prison Ministry Info Sheet
  • Volunteer Application Packet
  • Volunteer Code of Conduct

Leadership: Heather Baussell

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