A Heavenly Mind for Right Earthly Living

How much thought have you given to setting your mind on heaven so that your life on earth is lived to the fullest? Our effectiveness for Christ in this world is tied to how much we tune our minds into the things of heaven. CS Lewis once wrote: “If you read history, you will find … [Read More…] A Heavenly Mind for Right Earthly Living

The Gospel According To Matthew

We're walking through the Gospel of Matthew together, learning about the freedom experienced only through faith in Christ. Currently, we are studying the teaching of Jesus during the Sermon on the Mount.


The Older Brother Problem

Ed StetzerMatthew 3:7-12


Who is this John the Baptist?

Ed StetzerMatthew 3:1-6


The King and the Hope

Ed StetzerMatthew 2:1-23


The Virgin Birth

Ed StetzerMatthew 1:18-25


Begats: The Genealogy of Jesus

Ed StetzerMatthew 1:1-17