Are you looking for a place to worship God, grow in your relationship with Jesus, or explore more about God and faith? Join us at Sunday Night Service for a casual, contemporary worship service that draws people from all walks of life and from all over Chicago.


We meet Sunday nights from 5-6pm online to worship Jesus through singing, prayer, and the preaching of God’s Word.


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Sunday Night Service. Contemporary Worship. Lincoln Park
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Current Series

Spiritual drift happens gradually. Few people wake up one day and suddenly decide to stop following God. Rather, it’s the busyness of life, even in the midst of spiritual practices, that our hearts can turn cold and cause us to wander from God. The prophet Malachi brought a strong message to God’s people who had fallen into spiritual apathy. He wanted them to wake up and renew their passion for the Lord before it was too late.


Join us at Sunday Night Service for our series Wake Up Call, as we study through the book of Malachi and discover how to avoid sliding into spiritual drift.

Sunday night church service. Contemporary service.

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