Are you looking for a place to worship God, grow in your relationship with Jesus, or explore more about God and faith? Join us at Sunday Night Service for a casual, contemporary worship service that draws people from all walks of life and from all over Chicago.


We meet Sunday nights from 5-6pm online to worship Jesus through singing, prayer, and the preaching of God’s Word.


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Sunday Night Service. Contemporary Worship. Lincoln Park
Sunday Night Service lobby at The Moody Church
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Current Series

Why is the Resurrection so pivotal to our Christian faith? In 1 Corinthians 15, Paul makes it crystal clear that there is no good news if there is no Resurrection. The gospel loses all its power if Jesus did not rise from the dead, for then our faith would be in vain. What we believe about the Resurrection changes everything.


Join Pastor Michael Best for Resurrection, a four-part series exploring the doctrine of the resurrection and the firm hope that we can have of eternal life in Jesus Christ.

Sunday night church service. Contemporary service.

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