Ger Schultz grew up in Chicago and was familiar with The Moody Church as a child. As a young man, he attended special events at the church, including a Youth for Christ rally in 1945. He brought a friend to this event, a young woman named Sigrid, who later became his wife. Ger came back to the church as an adult, almost 45 years later, and began attending regularly in 1990. The centrality of Christ, biblical teaching, and emphasis on evangelism Ger found at The Moody Church helped him to know it was his church home. Over the years, Ger has served as a Deacon, as Chairman of the Reaching Toward Tomorrow Stewardship Committee, as a substitute teacher in the YourMarriageYourFamily TMC Community, and as a mentor to several generations of younger men in the church. Professionally, Ger spent most of his career at IBT International, an engineering and manufacturing firm. He worked up the ranks, moving from the sales force to leadership roles such as president and CEO. He retired in 1986, and today enjoys spending time with his family. Ger lives with his wife, Sigrid, in Schaumburg, IL. They have 4 children and 11 grandchildren.