• February 6, 2020
  • BY Eric Morse
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Last November, the Search Committee received an initial slate of five candidates from the Vanderbloemen search firm to consider for the role of Senior Pastor. After an initial round of interviews and a review of candidate background material, the Search Committee and the Elders eliminated three of the five candidates. In December, the Search Committee conducted separate two-hour video interviews with the two remaining candidates, and in January, the candidates visited Chicago for in-person interviews with the Search Committee.


Two weeks ago (January 22), the Search Committee met to prayerfully consider their next steps with the two candidates. God provided a clear answer to prayer by giving the Search Committee peace and direction through its prayers and discussions together, and as a result of its meeting the Search Committee enthusiastically recommended one of the candidates to the Elders for the position of Senior Pastor.


So, what happens next? Several Elders and their wives will visit the candidate and his family in their home and attend a service at their church. Then the candidate and his wife will come for a weekend visit to Chicago to meet all of the Elders and their wives. The ministry staff will also have an opportunity to meet with the candidate at that time. If the Elders approve the candidate, he will be moved on for consideration by the Leadership Council and the Deaconesses. If the Leadership Council approves, then the candidate will be presented to the Congregation for their final affirmation.


Throughout this process the Search Committee has seen very tangible answers to our prayer. As this process continues, we and the candidate continue to need your prayers for wisdom, clarity, and guidance in pursuit of the Lord’s will for our church.


For more information about the next steps in the search process, including the congregation’s role, please visit https://www.moodychurch.org/understanding-the-congregations-role-in-the-pastoral-search-process/.

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2 thoughts on “Search Update January 2020

  1. They used to say, look at a believer’s checkbook and you can see his heart.

    When it comes to a pastoral candidate, I believe we can look at his social media, or his schedule, his hobbies, his entertainment, to see his heart. Do they speak of God? Do they point to a mission? A vision?

    Many pastors can preach a good sermon. Many people can exercise and enjoy hospitality.

    I hope the committee will seek a man whose heart beats in sync with God’s heart, whose priorities declare God’s glory, whose manners foster peace, and whose humor is evident, gentle and kind.

    Thank you for your time and efforts. May your legacies please God.

  2. I am very grateful for the integrity, thoughtfulness, intense intercession, and deep passion the Search Committee has demonstrated to find the next shepherd for God’s people at The Moody Church. I know these people (on the Committee). I trust all of them. I am thankful for them.

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