Our Mission

Naomi’s House programs are comprehensive services offering hope and healing to women who have suffered from commercial sexual exploitation. We are:


  • Faith-based, rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ
  • Trauma-informed, integrated with expert therapists and staff
  • Committed to her full healing, believing she is the best advocate for her own care

Naomi's House Programs

The NH Residential Program is a comprehensive program that offers hope and healing for adult women who have suffered from commercial sexual exploitation. The program is 15 months long and divided up into three phases.


Phase 1 | 90 Days

– 1:1 and Group Therapy

– Bible Study

– Life-skills

– Self-assessments

– Goal Planning


Phase 2 | 9 Months

– Phase 1 activities

– Job Training

– Employment

– Education


Phase 3 | 3 Months

Independent living while engaging in community, case management, and therapy services while still living at NH.

NH4 provides both a plan to equip participants with independence, while also providing resources that eliminate potential vulnerabilities to relapse. NH4 represents both the fourth phase of Naomi’s House as well as the four corners of accountability and support. Those four corners include:


– Independent Living

– Educational Acceleration

– Spiritual Discipleship

– Leadership Development

The Gathering Place will be a highly resourced Day Program that reduces a woman’s vulnerabilities to exploitation through education, trauma-informed therapy, spiritual discipleship, and job placement.


The Gathering Place is modeled from our Residential Program offering a victim of commercial sexual exploitation a start to a new life. We are planning to launch The Gathering Place in late 2021. 

Human Trafficking 101

It is estimated that up to 24,000 woman and girls are sexually trafficked — bought and sold for sex —  each year in the Chicagoland area. Law enforcement, FBI victim’s specialists, and social workers who work with victims all agree that the biggest need for women “coming out of the life” of sexual exploitation is long-term housing and professional care. In addition to a safe place to live, survivors of sex trafficking need a comprehensive approach to healing, case management, and life-skills.


Victims of sex trafficking also experience an increased level of other systematic obstacles that make each woman vulnerable to relapsing back into the life. These struggles often serve as additional issues that she must overcome in order to live out a healthy life. Our experience as care providers show the following trends from the women we have served at NH:


100% :: Suffered childhood abuse

100% :: Has struggled with substance abuse addiction

100% :: Has a criminal record

100% :: Lacks basic life skills

100% :: Has been diagnosed with mental illness

88%   :: Came to NH without medical insurance

63%   :: Came to NH without an ID

63%   :: Had more than one pimp

50%   :: Had been branded (tattooed) by her pimp

50%   :: Was lured into sex trafficking as a minor

50%   :: Experienced homelessness

How to Identify the Signs of Human Trafficking – Human Trafficking Signs


Annual Reports

2020 Annual Report

2019 Annual Report

2018 Annual Report

Women who have suffered from exploitation experience extreme violence, suffer from substance abuse addictions, and struggle with mental illness. Traffickers provoke feelings of fear, dependency, and helplessness in their victims. The constant threats and environment of fear prevent victims from leaving or seeking help. Traffickers prey upon the vulnerabilities of young women. They lure them into a life of forced prostitution through false promises – they make women feel loved and seen and then use that power to trap them into a life of violence and fear.


In order for women to heal from sexual trauma and sex trafficking, they need to feel safe and connect with other people who can relate to her story. She needs to learn how to live in the present without the memories of trauma impacting her every day.

Naomi’s House works to address each of these needs by providing a trauma-informed, comprehensive program. Our approach to care is to therapeutically meet her emotional, practical, and physical needs. We accomplish this through a highly trained professional staff, an evidence-based daily program, and strategic partnership with other local agencies in the community. Women can stay in our program for up to 12 months.


Each woman works on an Individual Care Plan with our staff where she sets goals, evaluates her progress, and learns to advocate for herself as she prepares to reintegrate back into society. Residents are also matched with mentors – women from various area churches who volunteer several hours a month to meet one-on-one with a resident.


Because our women come to NH with little to no financial resources, our services are free for our residents. In addition to the therapeutic services we offer, our residents receive a warm and safe place to live, nutritional food, clothes, toiletries, and other personal items, as well as 24-hour staff supervision and support. Part of our approach to care is to meet her tangible needs while preparing her to care for herself when she exits from our program. We begin the conversation of reintegration from the beginning of her time with us.

I’m so blessed to be at Naomi’s House. Because of NH I look forward to a future where I feel so confident, a future filled with love and no more pain, a future with abundant choices, a future that I now see where as before I didn’t.

–Naomi’s House Resident–

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