Brad and Katherine Jeffery

Brad and Katherine Jeffery, founders of CauseGear, were our August 2 distinguished speakers. They’re motivated by a deep desire to use business as a force for ending one of today’s most urgent injustices: slavery.


After Brad’s return from travels in Africa and South Asia he couldn’t shake the hunger to develop a business model to help the millions of people suffering from human trafficking, slavery, and extreme poverty. As he shared his vision with friends and met his wife, Katherine (who shared his passion and heart for helping the least of these), it became increasingly clear to move forward to engage the fortunate few in helping the marginalized many. CauseGear was started and now every purchase from the company helps redeem someone from slavery in a sustainable way.


Brad Jeffrey has a B.S. Graphic Design from Bradley University and an MBA from Lake Forest Graduate School of Management. Brad’s background includes 32 years of sales, marketing, design, leadership and business development. He has had the opportunity to lead and manage a variety of business experience including sales management in industrial companies and marketing green technology brands.


Dr. Katherine Jeffrey has a B.S. in biology and a B.A. in psychology from Indiana University, a Masters in Counseling from Clemson University, and a PhD in Education. Prior to CauseGear, she had the opportunity to train up future leaders and still enjoys consulting with companies who want to make a positive social impact. She is also well known for your consulting business that specializes in understanding the Millennial generation, one area she has focused on in her twenty-plus years of studying human behavior.


Every generation a handful of individuals start a movement that changes what is viewed as possible, and these innovative creators are seeking to change the trajectory of potentially a million lives. You will want to hear how CauseGear helps so many lives through business and how this is a Chicago story too.

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