• November 25, 2020
  • BY Eric Morse
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We met two new women this month who are applying to come to Naomi’s House. My heart is so full of hope for both of them. It is likely they will enter our community, and my prayer is that they will both embrace everything our program has to offer so that they can heal. Let me tell you a little about each of them so you can pray for them as well.


At 45 years old, Michelle* is determined to deal with her trauma. She expressed to us that she is motived to work through our program because she feels “too old” to be in “the life” anymore. She completed 11th grade, and has been in and out of trafficking ever since. For the past 13 years, she has been with one “pimp” who has been selling her body for drugs. She referred to this man as her boyfriend. She told us, “I have a hard time letting go of him.” Unfortunately, this is typical of many of the women we serve. Clinicians call this “trauma bonding” – when a victim feels emotionally connected to her trafficker. In this case, it’s because he manipulated her into thinking that she cannot live without him. Traffickers use rewards and punishments within cycles of abuse to foster these emotional connections. Can you image being trapped in this cycle for 13 years? No wonder she is exhausted, confused about what authentic love is, and simply worn out because of the constant fear and pain she’s endured.


Kasey* is 46 years old. She has acknowledged that she’s numbing herself and avoiding the pain in her life. She literally said, “I am looking for a place that can make me a better me.” YES! That is why we exists…so a woman like Kasey can be her best self. She expressed that she knows she has gifts to offer and is looking for a chance to use those gifts. Isn’t that powerful? I imagine her coming to NH and her gifts exploding! Besides all the resources we can offer to help her heal from her abuse, she will also have the opportunity to learn about herself. She knows she was taken advantage of, starting back in childhood, and she wants to heal from the anger she feels. The coping tools she has developed over the years, tools that have helped her survive, have also led her into a destructive lifestyle. She admits she is living a numb life and wants to experience freedom. I want to say to her, “Girl! Yes! We have a program designed just for you. You do the work to rebuild your life, we hand you the tools.”


Will you hold these two women in your prayers? Sometimes the last step to come to NH is the most difficult one. There is fear about the unknown future and giving up what is familiar to you, even if it’s harmful, to enter a new world. Women like Michelle and Kasey struggle with allowing themselves to feel hopeful and dream about what life could be. We’re hoping that both women will move in within the next few weeks so we can experience the holidays with them. Pray that the Lord would meet them where they are and give them the strength and courage to move in with us and begin their healing journeys.


Lastly, we are gearing up for Giving Tuesday on December 1! This is the time to join the fight and express your support of women like Michelle and Kasey and the dozens of other women in the NH programs. Thank you for remembering NH on December 1!  Click here to say YES to a woman at NH.

I hope you and your family enjoy a wonderful and healthy Thanksgiving.
Executive Director

Naomi's House


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