• July 23, 2019
  • BY Eric Morse
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“You meet with people and tell them how they can help us, right?” This is a question a resident at Naomi’s House asked me a few weeks ago. She then handed me a notebook full of poems that she had written, encouraging me to read them and share them with anyone who will listen. I read each poem, carefully and emotionally, as she sat and listened to her words being spoken out loud. We both cried. It was hard. She wrote some deep and dark lines, too much to share with just anyone. I was proud of her, but also devastated by her attempt to describe what she has been though. With her permission, I’m honored to share a bit of her writing with you below.


I answered her question: “Yes, that’s exactly what I do. I tell people how they can help you. And people love to help.” She nodded as to express that she believes the help is working.


As we close our fiscal year in August, what would mean the most to our program would be more monthly Hero Partners. I told our poetry-writing woman that she is my hero-through her writing, she is displaying her bravery and creativity and the gifts God has given her. It takes a hero to work on healing from her past and embrace her future. It also takes a hero to support her through this journey. It’s not easy. It is often hard and messy. But walking alongside the women at Naomi’s House month after month is heroic and allows women to leave their past behind and embrace the future God intends for them. For $50/month you can sponsor one session of therapy for a resident, purchase needed daily health and nutrition products for a woman, or cover medical expenses like co-pays and medication. To become a monthly Hero Partner, click here. We thank you in advance for your amazing support!


Blessings to you,




Executive Director

To My Trafficker

written by a NH resident; shortened  for content


Help me! I’m going crazy inside

All this hurt and pain

I can no longer hide

You killed my dignity

For your personal gain

Filled my soul

With all this self-hate and shame

Confused my mind

With all your coldhearted lies

You said you loved me

But your actions show otherwise…

I hate you but I love you

Really can’t figure out why…

Thirteen when you met me

I was part of your prey

Wined and dined me

Gave me the finer things in life

You showed me some love

And I fell for your lies

It started out slowly

First were the beatings…

Then came the meetings

The fear ate me up inside

Sex with strange men

The first few times I cried

But you had a plan

It was the drugs you supplied

You said it made it easier

But it still killed me inside…

I fell for you blindly

And for that I am ashamed

But the days are getting easier

God has found me you see

Forgiven for my past

Washed away all my sins

And for you, my trafficker

Only his wrath he intends

Naomi's House


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