Spring 2020 Registration

We are offering two of our Level One Core Courses this session. These classes can be taken in any order; each will enrich your life and your walk with the Lord. Our strong desire is that everyone will take all of our core courses, so pick the one that piques your interest and dive in! You’ll find that they all complement and build on each other, strengthening your faith and your relationship with the Lord as you learn and fellowship with other students.


We are also offering two Level Two elective courses. Deeper into God’s Word 1: Letters has a prerequisite of Grasping God’s Word;  Following & Growing in Christ (formerly Discipleship & Spiritual Transformation) is open to everyone.


To register for a class, simply click on the class title. The link will take you to the registration page. For information about our policies and procedures, click here. If you have questions about our classes or registration, please use the form below to contact us.

Level One Core Courses

These courses have no prerequisites and are open to anyone. The $20 fee for each course covers the textbook and all materials.


GRASPING GOD’S WORD—Taught by Scott Lilly

Sundays beginning January 19, 2:30 – 3:30pm in Room 305

Grasping God’s Word will help you read and study the Bible with greater clarity and comprehension. You’ll better understand Scripture in light of the context in which it was written; see how Scripture was given to change how we think, feel, and act; and learn how to apply God’s unchanging Word to our lives and our changing world. Cost $20; 12 weeks.


WHAT WE BELIEVE—Taught by Daniel Stalker

Sundays beginning January 19, 8:30 – 9:45am in Room 305

How should our Christian beliefs make a difference in our daily lives, and how do they affect our practice in the local church? Join us for What We Believe for an overview of key areas of doctrine, with emphasis on the biblical support for these beliefs. Cost $20; 12 weeks.

Level Two Elective Courses


Sundays beginning September 15, 1:15 – 2:15pm in Room 305

Prerequisite: Completion of Grasping God’s Word. This course builds on the principles learned in Grasping God’s Word, with specific attention to the in-depth study of a New Testament letter. You’ll learn to make informed decisions about biblical words, to read a entire letter as a whole and take into account the situation in which it was written, and to understand how the letters spoke to their original audience—and in light of that, how they speak to the modern Christian. This will equip us to better understand God’s Word and apply it effectively to our lives. Cost $40; 12 weeks.



Wednesdays beginning January 22, 6:45 – 7:45pm in Room 303

(Formerly Discipleship and Spiritual Transformation) How does God work in our lives to transform us into the image of His Son? What everyday practices produce that transformation? Where have we seen these changes happen in ourselves, in others, and in Scripture? Our aim in this course is to explore the concept of Christ-like change and transformation, applying it in our own lives and discovering ways we can foster it in others. We’ll finish the course by strategizing ways to help others follow and grow in Christ. Cost $20; 9 weeks.

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