Sermons By Dr. Erwin W. Lutzer - Page 5

Compassion In Community

Date Sun, Sep 22, 2013

When Jesus encounters this woman he heals her, affirms her value and validates her acceptance. She had three experiences that radically changed her life.

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Compassion In Outreach: The Heart Of Jesus

Date Sun, Sep 15, 2013

In order to embrace the world like Christ did, we must have His heart.

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A Faith That Endures

Date Sun, Sep 1, 2013

Hebrews 11 was not written to teach us how to perform miracles, but how to endure even when we don’t see any of them.

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A Faith That Risks

Date Sun, Aug 25, 2013

Moses risked it all for the sake of God and eternity. 

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Playing For Keeps

Date Sun, Aug 11, 2013

Today in our society there are a number of myths that we believe about marriage.   When we take our marriage vows, we are making a commitment that is not to be broken.

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The Power Of Praying Parents

Date Sun, Jul 28, 2013

Whether a child is like the prodigal son or like the self-righteous brother, parents need to pray that the hearts of their children will be turned to the Lord. 

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The Hurt And Healing Of Abuse

Date Sun, Jul 21, 2013

Almost always abusers appear to be kind, and charming. And yet, because of unresolved issues in their lives, they quickly travel down the road to abuse. The causes of abuse are many and varied.  

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The Enemy Inside Your Home

Date Sun, Jul 14, 2013

We are in a fierce battle for the family because we are opposed by forces outside the home, but perhaps an even greater enemy exists within our homes: The power of modern technology such as computers, television sets, cell phones and  ipads. 

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God, The Supreme Court, And The Unthinkable

Date Sun, Jun 30, 2013
Please note that this message was preached as Enemies Outside the Home.


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Children, God's Special Gift

Date Sun, Jun 9, 2013
Ministry to children is the single most strategic ministry in God’s Kingdom.”—George Barna Children today face lies such as (1) that their value is dependent on their appearance (2) morals are to be personally chosen and (3) sexual activity is appropriate at any age as long as it is done “correctly.” What do children need not just to be good, but to be godly?
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