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A Time To Celebrate

Date Sun, Jan 10, 2016

Nehemiah led the people into a great building project. However, with the zeal of the workers the wall was completed in 52 days!

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The Signature Of God – The Bible's Own Testimony To Its Divine Authorship

Date Sun, Jan 3, 2016

What to make of the Bible? Objections against its divine origin are many: its miracles, its commands to obliterate enemies, its ancient traditions, its supposedly outdated views of science, and its human authors.

Is it a book from God or from man? We affirm it is of dual authorship: God superintended the human authors so that, while employing their styles and personalities, they nevertheless recorded God’s Word to us without error in the words of the original manuscripts.

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The Light Defines Us

Date Sun, Dec 27, 2015

Believers are transferred from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of light.

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The Light Guides Us

Date Sun, Dec 13, 2015

Jesus made seven “I Am” statements in the Gospel of John, each serves as another proof of His deity. Here He encourages us to follow Him because He is the light of the world, able to guide us all the way from earth to the Heavenly City.

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The Light Reveals Us

Date Sun, Dec 6, 2015

Jesus is the great divider of men; His light exposes the darkness.             

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The Light Redeems Us

Date Sun, Nov 29, 2015

Jesus is the light who came to our dark world.

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Our Future With God

Date Sun, Nov 22, 2015

Imagine living with personal fellowship with God for all of eternity! 

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The Justice Of God

Date Sun, Nov 15, 2015

This message, perhaps more than any other, involves the greatest mystery and the greatest faith. Objections to God’s justice are many: the suffering in this world; the supposed inequity in the doctrine of election and the sufferings of hell.  

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The Unchanging God

Date Sun, Nov 8, 2015

Throughout the eons of eternity, God remains unchanged.

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The Death Of God

Date Sun, Nov 1, 2015

Think about it: Jesus is God, Jesus died on the cross: conclusion: God died!

To help us answer this objection to Christianity, we must understand the death of the human/divine Christ. 

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