Charles Butler

The Rev. Charles Butler began staff ministry work at the church on January 1, 2003.

Prior to coming to The Moody Church, he served the Armitage Baptist Church of Chicago as worship pastor from January 1998 to December 2002. He also served at Rock of Our Salvation Church and Circle Urban Ministries (The Moody Church’s partner ministries on Chicago’s West Side). There, he served for twelve years in various capacities including as director of Christian education and minister of music for Rock of Our Salvation Church and program director for Circle Urban Ministries.

Regarding how he came to be a pastor, Rev. Butler says this, “I had chosen architecture as my profession while in the fourth grade. After my conversion at age 14, it occurred to me that my career should be a matter of prayer. During my first year at University of Detroit School of Architectural Design, both my parents took ill which required me to step out of school to care for them. During that year out of school, God redirected me to the ministry. I discussed my understanding of God’s call on my life with my pastor and several other Christian leaders I knew and trusted. All confirmed that God’s gift and calling were evident in my life, pointing to the Bible teaching that I had done, the leadership I had provided in various areas of ministry, my love for God and my love for His Word.”

Rev. Butler graduated in 1981 from the Moody Bible Institute with a degree in Bible and Theology, emphasis in New Testament Greek. He has completed further coursework at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, and attended Dr. Larry Crabb’s School for Spiritual Direction.

Goals for TMC & Kingdom
My overarching mission in ministry is to help people engage with God and His Word in meaningful and life-changing ways.  Whether in leading, teaching, worship leading, counseling or preaching, this is always the big picture that I’m pursuing.

As Pastor for Shepherding, my goal is to help our TMC Communities and Small Groups learn to care for one another in a way that coordinates with what God is doing in our lives.  The same is true in Men’s Ministry – I desire to see them “equipped to do works of service (Eph. 4:12), so that we, as a congregation, grow toward maturity in Christ.

I love to read, especially in front of a fireplace (we don’t have one) or while looking out over a beautiful landscape or waterfront (we don’t have either of those at our house either). I am a mainstream science fiction fan (especially Star Wars and Star Trek), and I like political/military fiction. I enjoy playing, writing and arranging Christian music. I also enjoy taking walks with my wife. Occasionally I like playing billiards and ping pong (though I am mediocre at both).

Donna and I were married May 23, 1981, after my graduation from Moody Bible Institute. We have had six children. Our first son is with the Lord, having been still born. We have four additional sons (two of whom are married) and a special needs daughter at the end of the line (with the emphasis on END). All of them are currently active at the church.