Softball League 2014

Registration is now open for the Moody Church Softball League for the 2014 season. Click here to register.

Regular registration (Monday April 15 through Sunday May 4): $60
Late registration: $70

Invite a non-church person who has never played Moody Softball before and both you and your friend will each receive a $25 discount on registration fees.

Open registration ends Sunday May 4, with all registrants after that date placed on a waiting list.

You must pay the registration fee first before registering to play.

About the League:

In addition to the traditional Saturday off for Independence Day, the league will have multiple “Free Saturdays” during the season, which will be Saturdays with no games in order to accomodate players who would like to have an open Saturday here or there for personal reasons. To maintain the ten-game regular season while having “Free Saturdays”, several game days will feature double-headers.

Moody Softball is a co-ed 12” softball league that plays games from June through August, with playoff games in the last two weekends of August. Games, which are played Saturday mornings, are primarily social and secondarily competitive.

Games are played at Clarendon Park on the northeast side of Chicago.

As a player, you are entitled to:
fellowship with fellow brothers and sisters in Christ,
minimum 10 regular season games,
minimum 1 playoff game,
team t-shirt with custom uniform number,
stats tracked.

Players will be assigned to teams for purposes of having balanced teams. Special requests to play with certain players are welcome but not guaranteed. The only guaranteed requests are spouses and engaged couples. Questions: email Rob at