The Sisters in Christ class is a diverse group of women who care and support each other with love and prayers. Our community includes singles, marrieds, widows and divorced women, across a wide age range of ages from their 20s and up. We study the Word of God together in a style that invites participation. Mary Lowman teaches in a very practical way, showing how to apply the principles of God’s Word into our everyday lives. We also have a time of prayer for each other.


We meet every Sunday at 8:30am in room 303.

Leadership: Mary Lowman

Leadership Team: Kathy Brown, Charlene King, Lisa Larsen, Brenda McLemore, Tara Obriecht, Mary Ellen Ostrom, Clarissa Adjei.


Upcoming Events

Sisters in Christ – A Virtual Tour of Israel

| Sunday May 20, 1:00-4:00pm in Room 307
Have you ever wondered about Israel? What it might look like? Should you go or not? Come join Sisters in Christ and Mary Lowman for a virtual day in Israel. We’ll enjoy Mediterranean food plus a special surprise — so come check it out!

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