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Statement from Berv Peterson, Chairman of the Elders

May 14, 2017

Dear Moody Church:

This week, the Elders made the decision that neither of the two candidates proposed by the Pastoral Search Committee will be called to the Senior Pastor position of The Moody Church. After considerable prayer and candid discussion, it was clear that neither of these good men is God’s choice to lead our church at this time.

This was a difficult and disappointing decision to reach, but it was clear that this was the leading of the Lord, something we have been consistently praying for as a church for the past two years.

We are thankful for the excellent work of our Pastoral Search Committee. They invested countless hours in evaluation and prayer after spending weeks doing research on our church and seeking the input of our congregation.

We believe our process, while good, can be improved upon. We will be evaluating the search process over the next several weeks. We ask for your prayers during this evaluation.

In the meantime, Pastor Ed Stetzer continues serving as our interim teaching pastor, for which we are very thankful!

Our Heavenly Father is bringing us through an unexpected but exciting season right now and we continue to have complete confidence in His leading and timing. As a church family, let’s continue to trust the Lord and faithfully carry the Good News to the city of Chicago and around the world.

Please keep praying! 

Berv Peterson, for the Elder Council 

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