Date December 24, 2012
Author Pastor Robert (Bob) L. Gunter
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Spending less. That’s what we’ve all done during the recent recession. We may now be in a “recovery,” but experts predict continued slow economic growth in 2013. With that in mind, and assuming that our politicians avoid the “fiscal cliff,” some experts are cautiously telling us to restart our thinking on investments.

Dave Ramsey, famous for the Financial Peace University program, recently sent an email advising that we “Don’t Wait for Washington and Don’t Wait for Certainty.” Specifically, he advises first that we remember we can control our own budget even if Washington can’t control theirs, and second that we should ignore the short-term economic bumps in the road and stick to our long-term investment plans.

Let me borrow from Ramsey. Despite your personal “economic bumps” in 2012 and an apparently fragile recovery, do you have an investment plan in place—a long-term commitment—for giving to the Lord’s work at The Moody Church? To missions? To those less fortunate? Is your giving regular and proportionate to your income (1 Cor. 16:2), generous and cheerfully calculated (1 Cor.9:6–7), and motivated by meeting the needs of others (1 Tim.6:17–19)? As we close out 2012 and plan for 2013, let’s restart our long-term (eternal) thinking on the most important investing we can ever do, which is to advance the Kingdom of Christ.

Speaking of Dave Ramsey, if you need help determining how to come up with such an investment plan, let me encourage you to take advantage of the next Financial Peace University series. This nine-week course, which begins January 13, will help you get out of debt and to a stronger financial place from which you can make important eternal investments on a regular basis. You can find more information and/or register for the course on the Financial Stewardship site.

Isn’t it time to finally DO SOMETHING about your financial situation and think about Investing More where it really counts?