May 5 Update - Blog

Date May 8, 2017
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Jesus heals because He’s the Healer.” This was in my devotional this morning. Isn’t that so true? It’s what I’ve been praying for and asking Him to do at Naomi’s House lately…heal! Heal the hearts of our women. Heal their wounds. Heal their trauma. Heal their family relationships. Give them vision for what life can be like without all their pain. One resident said to me this week: “I’ve never had so much good happen to me and I don’t know what to do with it.” She said this through tears while contemplating going to the ER. She is scared of what the future holds because she doesn’t know a life without substance abuse, forced prostitution, and fear. The anxiety of life working out for her good was literally causing her chest pains. Lord, heal her. 

Please keep these other requests in your prayers as well:
  • We welcomed another new resident! Pray for her transition and our staff as they develop her Care Plan.

  • Pray for an all-staff meeting we have next week. Once a quarter we are all together and it’s a sweet time of fellowship and training.

  • Pray our needs as an organization: fundraising, hiring, and volunteers. We trust God to provide!

Thank you,