Did you know that each year as many as 24,000 women and girls are sexually exploited in Chicago?


We were shocked too, and the more we learned, the more we realized that, for us, inaction wasn’t an option. After much prayer, we are following God’s lead to take an active role on behalf of the 24,000 women in the Chicago area and the 100,000+ throughout the US.


It is with great excitement that we introduce Naomi’s House. Our comprehensive residential program offers hope and healing to women who have suffered from commercial sexual exploitation. Our home is a safe place fostering healing and faith in Christ that leads to life-transformation. We are:

  • Faith-based, rooted in the gospel of Jesus Christ
  • Trauma-informed, integrated with expert therapists and staff
  • Committed to her full healing, believing she is the best advocate for her own care


What We're All About

Simone Halpin* | Executive Director | Naomi’s House
Mary Lowman* | Director of Women’s Ministry | The Moody Church
Dr. Pam MacRae* | Professor | Moody Bible Institute
Dr. Susy Francis* | President | Thrive Group International
Julie Busteed* | College Church
Ben Anderson | Partner Development | CauseGear
Lindsay Anderson | Executive Director of Government Relations| University of Illinois
Amy Klobucher | College Church
Ginger Johnson | Director | The Cornerstone Center Foundation
Ray Simmons | The Moody Church
Karen Swanson | Director of the Institute for Prison Ministries | Wheaton College
Greg Thornton | Senior Vice President of Media | Moody Bible Institute
Maria Cornejo Garcia | Wheaton College

*a member of our Executive Committee

Naomi’s House provides hope and healing for women who have suffered from commercial sexual exploitation. Our residential program is designed to meet their needs with a comprehensive approach including practical, emotional, and spiritual resources. We believe each woman is the best advocate for her own care. A core team of professional staff, trauma-informed therapists, and volunteers will provide her tools for life transformation. Above all, our home environment is rooted in the life-changing grace of Jesus Christ.

To partner with us financially, click here.

Our life-changing program is possible through the commitment of our advocates, volunteers, and mentors. If you’re interested in volunteering, the first step is to attend our Volunteer Orientation. Watch this space for information about our next Orientation event.


Email us to get orientation information and other Naomi’s House updates at info@naomishouse.org — we send out regular emails with updates and prayer requests.


Here are a few ways you may consider joining our team!


Advocate—Advocates serve in the community on behalf of Naomi’s House. Someone in this role networks in the community, helps us fundraise and plan events, and is passionate about educating others about human trafficking. They can also help represent us at churches and conferences and host house-warming showers. Advocates should contact usto get started! Ideas of how to volunteer as an advocate include (but are not limited to):

  1. 1. Host a Shower — We have on-going tangible needs of things we need for our women. If you’d like to host a shower to help fulfill some of these things, let us know! We will provide the list and come give a Naomi’s House presentation to your friends.
    2. Books, Art Supplies, and more — Would you consider a book drive or an art supplies drive? We have a continues need of books and art supplies for our women. Gather your friends and collect these things on our behalf and they will go directly into the hands of our residents!
    3. Garage Sale — Sell your things and donate the proceeds to Naomi’s House! You can do this on your own or gather friends and do this together. Naomi’s House can provide brochures to hand out to your customers so they know where you’re donating the proceeds.


Program Volunteer—Program Volunteers serve on a regular basis within the Naomi’s House program. They serve our women through teaching life skills, leading group therapy, cooking meals, leading Bible studies, providing transportation, and more. Program Volunteers must attend Volunteer Orientation where you will fill our a volunteer application, complete a background check application, and interview with our staff. Most Program Volunteer roles also require on-going training.


Mentors—Mentors are Program Volunteers with a longer-term commitment. Women who have the gift of shepherding and discipleship are needed to walk alongside the women in our program. Mentors commit to meet with women on a regular basis and become integral relationships in the women’s lives. Mentors must attend Volunteer Orientation where you will fill our a volunteer application, complete a background check application, and interview with our staff. Most Program Volunteer roles also require on-going training.
Prayer Partners—Join our prayer team! We send out regular emails with an update and a prayer request. Over 700 people are on this team, and we believe God is hearing the prayers of His people and moving in our hearts to serve and love women who are being exploited in Chicago and beyond. To join the team, please send us an email.


Church Partners—The Church must lead the way to end the cycle of human trafficking. We are committed to working with churches to provide the education and information people need in order to identify human trafficking and implement solutions to end it. We can provide seminars, volunteer training, prayer summits, and community vision meetings to equip and inspire the Church. We ask churches to include us in annual mission conferences, volunteer opportunities for your congregation, and annual or one-time funding needs. Contact us for more information.


Hero Partners—We depend completely on the donations of individuals and churches to run our programs. Our Hero Campaign is for donors who commit to monthly giving. We believe it takes a hero to embrace her past and work through it to gain a new life, and it takes a hero to stand with her every step of the way while she does so. When you commit to monthly giving, you are telling each woman that you believe in her, honor her, and have hope for her future!


Give Financially—If you would like to partner financially with Naomi’s House and be part of offering new life to our women, there are several ways you can do that:

  1.  Donate online! Click here to get started!
  2. Mail a check to The Moody Church and designate Naomi’s House on the memo line of your check: The Moody Church, Attn: Naomi’s House, 1635 N Lasalle, Chicago, IL 60614
  3. You may contact us for more information.

News and Updates

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