How can we honor God in the workplace? What does it look like to surrender your whole self to Jesus, including your professional life? Can I connect with other Christians in business through a Moody Church ministry?


Join us bimonthly for our Moody Business Network Luncheons, a series of six lunches featuring a distinguished speaker held at the Union League Club downtown. Network with other believers  across various professions, enjoy a delicious lunch, and hear an engaging testimony of a Christ follower serving the Lord in business. Our speakers share how God has changed their lives and impacted the way they do business. Listen to inspiring principles about how to integrate God’s truth into your work environment.


This is a wonderful opportunity to bring along an unsaved coworker to hear the gospel and see how knowing Christ changes your life. Registration is required, so please sign up below for our next luncheon!

Location: Union League Club, 65 W. Jackson Boulevard, Chicago

Time: 11:45am–1:00pm. Check below to find the date and speaker for our upcoming luncheon.

Cost: $35/ticket, with tables holding up to 8. Bring a friend along!

Attire: Business casual (no jeans, per the Union League Club)

Our Next Luncheon: Friday, February 2nd

The first 2018 MBN Distinguished Speaker Series Luncheon is on Friday, February 2.   You’ll want to make plans now to hear our keynote speaker Alex Hoffer, Vice President of Hoffer Plastics Corporation, as he shares his life’s story and mission.


Alex Hoffer is part of the third generation of management that is helping steer Hoffer Plastics into the future. Hoffer Plastics was founded over 60 years ago and is an iconic leader in the custom plastics industry. Its products can be found in most households in the United States and many areas around the world. Alex leads the company’s sales and operational areas. This fits well with his personal theme which Alex describes as, “To create and share life-altering products and ideas.”

Alex has done research and writing on how our jobs impact our lives with more than just a paycheck.  He disseminates his missives in a blog as well as at various speaking events. Mr. Hoffer has a Liberal Arts degree from Purdue University and has completed graduate work at DePaul University. Mr. Hoffer will share about God in his life’s story as well as his business approach on team building and improving the business and profitability of his customers.

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