About Us

laura profileLaura Rawden

Married 34 years to Reg Rawden

Children: Mack and (Jessica)

Church: The Moody Church for 7 years 

Being part of the mentor moms is one of my favorite and most rewarding ministries. I loved and thoroughly enjoyed raising our son, with the partnership of my husband. Although now, he is out from under our wing, and married we continue to ask God to give us the wisdom and discernment to know how to be actively involved in their lives.  

Key Thought: How to have the Joy of the Lord while parenting:

  • depend on the power of God 

  • know the truth of God’s Word

  • ask for strength to unconditionally love

  • build in time to have fun


sharon profileSharon Feil 

Married 38 years to Jerry Feil

Children: Christine, Adam and (Crystal), Katrina

Grandchildren: Matthew and Olivia 

Church: The Moody Church for 6 years

Mom2Mom is very dear to me. When I was a young mom I was blessed to be in a women’s Bible study lead by older moms who encouraged me, taught me and discipled me to be deeply rooted and gounded in the Word of God. I pray that as a mentor mom I can do the same for young women facing the challenges motherhood brings.

Key Thoughts: Understand the gift of motherhood & family 

  • Make your daily time with the Lord a priority. Study the Word and pray.

  • Pray, pray and pray some more with and for your children

  • Take time to savor the gifts God gives you EVERY day

  • Be thankful!

grace profile

Grace Thornton                                   

Married 35 years to Greg Thornton

Children: Brad and (Tara), Stephani and (Dan), Heather and (Jeff) 

Grandchildren: Will, Samantha, and Emery 

Church: The Moody Church for 4 years 

When Greg and I were raising our children we were continually challenged and stretched.  We learned so much about ourselves, about our faith, and about our great God during those years.  

Key Thoughts: 

  • We can not parent effectively unless we are constantly in His Word

  • We need to pray continually for wisdom

  • God loves our children more than we do, which removes worry from the equation 

  • There can be joy amidst the chaos! 


donnaDonna E. Butler 

Married for 35 1/2 years to Charles M. Butler, Pastor at The Moody Church

Children: Theodore in heaven, Bryan and (Erin), Christopher and (Ashley), Derek, Ethan, and Faith 

Granchildren: Hannah and Eliana

Church: The Moody Church for 14 years

Pray and read the Bible every day and choose to apply and live out God’s Word. So, whether you’re married or single you are being a godly (although not perfect) example to your children. Proverbs 3:5-8

Key Thoughts: Passages for parenting

  • Colossians 4:2 “Devote yourselves to prayer, be watchful and thankful.”

  • Philippians 4:4-9 (Summarized) Rejoice in the Lord always, be anxious about nothing, let the peace of God guard your hearts and minds, think on things which are pure, lovely, commendable, excellent and worthy of praise, whatever you have learned practice these things.


Carol Vanderhoffcarol profile

Married for 38 years to Bob

Children: Kylie (Shaun), Jordan (Julie), Jared, Katelyn

Grandchildren: Caroline, Damon

Church: The Moody Church for 10 months

With 18 moves in 38 years of marriage, I have a heart for those who are new to the area or who are looking for ways to connect with other moms. With each move, I sought out a Bible study so I could connect with other mothers. I loved that we could lift our familes up in prayer and study God’s Word together. Life wasn’t meant to be lived alone. It is my heart’s desire to make sure each mom feels welcomed and appreciated. Together we will learn from each other as we dive into God’s Word.

Key Thoughts:

  • Always, always, always give thanks, even in the midst of adversity.

  • I am a daughter of The King.

  • God is bigger than anything that life gives me.

  • I am loved always, unconditionally, I am loved.

  • God’s got this! Leave it at His feet.

  • Talk to God, all day, everyday. Make Him the air that you breathe.