About Us

We are the Light & Life Community! Each week, a group of God-loving individuals meet for prayer, praise, and the study of God’s Holy Word. Yet this is no ordinary gathering…it is both diverse and unique! As our community’s members are all ages, professions, and from widely varying walks of life, we celebrate our diversity and uniqueness in that we are connected not only as a community - we consider ourselves a family!  Focusing on a different book of the Bible each quarter, we perform a concentrated study of God’s Word.  We would be glad to have you join us! Because we love people, we strive to make you feel welcome and to assist you in assimilating into the community as smoothly as possible. Our beginnings as a community date back to 1953, when we began as a Sunday School class named the Business and Professional Class. Our group has evolved over the years, being transformed from a class to a community. Yet one thing remains the same – our commitment to learning and living God’s Word.  We thank you for visiting our website and pray that you’ll come to visit us at our weekly community on Sundays from 8:30am until 9:25am in Room 107!  For questions or inquiries, please contact us.


In the Light & Life Community, adults of all ages and from a variety of backgrounds meet together as we seek grow in our relationship with our Lord, Jesus Christ. Our class begins with both praise & prayer and concludes with a Bible lesson.


Since its founding in 1953, The Moody Church’s Light & Life community (formerly known as Bible and Prayer, the Business and Professional class, and the Fellowship class) has been a gathering of diverse persons committed to studying – and living – God’s Word.  As the group evolved from a class to a community, it took on a slightly different focus.  The community sought to bring together people who wanted to be a part of a diverse yet committed group of Bible studying believers. In Light & Life, we are glad to be such a community. We are glad to be a community that provides Biblical resources and tools for study and reflection. We share knowledge by establishing and maintaining relationships throughout our community, The Moody Church, and the body of Christ.


In addition to our primary community activities of praise, prayer, and Bible study, we perform outreach both domestically and internationally to Moody Church’s missionaries, and sponsor programs that promote the health and safety of our class members who may be experiencing difficulties. We provide visits to sick and shut-ins, cards and flowers for encouragement, and have a dedicated prayer team that bombards heaven on behalf of those who may be in need of support and comforting.