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John 12:12-26

Date February 22, 2015
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Gospel of JohnThe Hour Has Come

The world may pour contempt on our religion, and laugh us and our Christianity to scorn; but when the Father honors us at the last day, before the assembly of angels and men, we shall find that His praise makes amends for all.
~ J.C. Ryle


John 12:1-11

Date February 15, 2015
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Gospel of JohnYou Do Not Always Have Me

A person can be very, very close to the Lord Jesus by position and very, very far in heart from him.
~ S. Lewis Johnson


John 11:45-57

Date February 8, 2015
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Gospel of JohnOne Man Should Die for the People

God can make the designs of His enemies work together for the good of His people, and cause the wrath of man to praise Him. In days of trouble, and rebuke, and blasphemy, believers may rest patiently in the Lord. The very things …


John 11:28-44

Date January 25, 2015
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Gospel of JohnLazarus, Come Out!

He was the Man of sorrows and “acquainted with grief.” Yet, here too was more than an expression of human sympathy. Here were souls upon which rested the weight of the dark shadow of death, and they were souls which He loved, and He felt it.
~ A …


John 11:17-27

Date January 18, 2015
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Gospel of JohnI Am the Resurrection and the Life

Death cannot blot out life, not the life that Jesus gives.
~ Leon Morris


John 11:1-16

Date January 11, 2015
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Gospel of JohnIt is for the Glory of God

Often He seems to wait so long and appears to be so indifferent. He is never indifferent. He is always interested.
~ Harry Ironside


John 10:22-42

Date January 4, 2015
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Gospel of JohnMy Sheep Hear My Voice

It is He who will be the faithful guardian of our salvation, for He says that it is in His hand. And if that were not enough, He says that they will be safely protected by the Father’s power.
~ John Calvin


John 10:7-21

Date December 21, 2014
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Gospel of JohnI Am the Door for the Sheep

Like a good shepherd, Christ KNOWS all His believing people. There is not a thing about the least and lowest of them with which He is not familiar. The children of this world may not know Christians, and may count their lives folly …


John 10:1-6

Date December 14, 2014
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Gospel of JohnI Am the Door

O blessed Jesus, it is the same still, thou wilt not dazzle or amuse, and therefore men prefer any charlatan to thee.
~ Charles Haddon Spurgeon


John 9:24-41

Date December 7, 2014
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Gospel of JohnDo You Believe in the Son of Man?

Ah! Christian reader, if you did as this man you would know something of his experience. If you refused to walk arm-in-arm with the world, and lived here as a stranger and pilgrim; you would be very unpopular – perhaps the very thing …