Our Courses

The Equipping Ministry runs on the semester system, with classes beginning in January, May, and September of each year.  The schedule is usually posted a month before the start of each session.  To see the schedule and/or register for classes, please see our Home page.

We offer the four Level One classes every semester, while the Level Two courses rotate each session.  You can read descriptions of each class below.  For information about our Discovery classes, including Discovering Your Gifts (Serving with Purpose), please visit our Discovery Classes page.

Level 1 Courses

Defending Your Faith

In Defending Your Faith, students will learn to engage people in meaningful discussions about their faith, defend their faith against difficult questions and talk about the uniqueness of Christ as the only way to God in a pluralistic culture, while increasing their confidence in the trustworthiness of the Scriptures. This course runs for 10 weeks, and each class session lasts 75 minutes.

What We Believe

What We Believe provides the student with an overview of the key areas of biblical doctrine, with emphasis on the biblical support for these key beliefs, how our beliefs affect our practice in the local church, and how what we believe should make a difference in our daily lives. This course runs for 12 weeks, and each class session lasts 75 minutes.

Grasping God's Word

Grasping God’s Word teaches the student to read and study God’s Word with greater clarity and comprehension; to understand Scripture in light of the context in which it was written; to see how Scripture was given to change the way we think, feel, and act; and to apply God’s unchanging Word to our changing world and to our own lives. This course runs for 12 weeks, and each class session lasts 60 minutes.

Sharing Your Faith (Gospel & Culture)

Sharing Your Faith (formerly Gospel & Culture) will enable you to learn the biblical gospel in the way God revealed it from Genesis to Revelation. This approach will help you grow in your understanding of the gospel as seen through the lens of all Scripture. Gain a greater understanding of our post-Christian society, better understand other worldviews, and be able to articulate the gospel more effectively. This course runs for 10 weeks, and each class session lasts 90 minutes.

Teach Us to Pray

Be challenged to draw closer to the Lord and enrich your walk with Him. We will study what it means to pray according to God’s Word, develop our prayer lives through weekly challenges, and learn to be more comfortable when we pray with others. This course runs 12 weeks, and each class session lasts 60 minutes.

Level 2 Courses

Our Redemption Story

The one characteristic that every person shares is our sin. The problem is so big that we are helpless to fix it; the only one who can do so is God himself. Our Redemption Story ventures deeper into the doctrines of sin and salvation as revealed to us in the Scriptures from Genesis through Revelation.

Deeper into God's Word 3

Deeper into God’s Word 3 continues to build upon the foundation laid in Grasping God’s Word, now turning our focus on how to understand and apply the Gospels. Students will learn to view each event in light of the entire Gospel and the author’s driving themes. This will help us to understand how each Gospel compels us to believe in Jesus Christ and live in light of His teachings.

Church History (Part 2)

Church History: Part 2 continues the exploration of our Christian heritage. This course will examine our history from the Protestant Reformation to recent movements and ongoing developments in the church worldwide. Our focus will include some of the greatest thinkers of Christian history, such as Jonathan Edwards, Bonhoeffer, and Kierkegaard.

New Testament Backgrounds

NEW FOR 2017! Join us as we examine the period between the Old and New Testaments, often called the “400 Years of Silence,” and discover that this time was anything but silent. Learn about the Maccabees and Chanukah, the rise of the Pharisees, Sadducees, Herodians, and Essenes, and the synagogue, all of which serve as a backdrop for better understanding Jesus’ life and ministry. We’ll see how God was working in the time between Malachi and Matthew to prepare the way for our Messiah. This course runs 12 weeks, and each class session lasts 60 minutes.

Church History (Part 1)

Church History: Part 1 examines our history, from the world events during the second temple period that set the stage for the coming of Christ, to the corruption in the medieval church which set the stage for the Protestant Reformation. 

Deeper into God's Word 2

Deeper into God’s Word 2 again builds on the foundation laid in Grasping God’s Word, now focusing our concentration on the study of the historical books in Scripture. Students will learn to think about the events in view of the land in which they occurred, to read an entire narrative as a whole, and to understand how these histories speak to the modern Christian. In this process, we will begin to comprehend how to apply the truths we see to our own lives.

Advanced Apologetics

The Advanced Apologetics class equips believers to identify and effectively answer key challenges to our faith. This class works through a DVD-based curriculum from Ravi Zacharias International Ministries, using video presentations by leading Christian experts. The presentations are followed by class discussion to engage with the material and practically apply it in our lives.

From God to Us

From God to Us is a basic introduction to canonization of Scripture, the history and science of textual criticism, and the basic issues inherent in Bible translation. Students will come to understand the process by which the canon of Scripture was confirmed by God’s people, the means by which the Scripture text has been preserved and passed down through the ages, and to gain an informed understanding of English translations of the Bible. It will increase your confidence in God’s Word and better enable you to defend your faith.

What They Believe

This two-semester course provides an overview of the major world religions and cults, their worldviews and basic tenets, and how to build bridges of friendship with them.

Inside Out: Becoming Like Christ from Within

This course helps students understand the biblical idea of spiritual formation by exploring the Seven Questions of Spiritual Theology, and working in small groups to foster and facilitate spiritual formation in one another. 

Jesus described the new life He spoke of as a transformation that began on the inside of us and worked itself out:  poor in spirit, pure in heart, born again, speaking out of the abundance of what is in our hearts. That process is not simply the acquiring of knowledge, but a relationship with the Eternal God that changes who we are from the inside out. This is biblical spiritual formation. It is not just knowing, but being.

Deeper into God's Word 1

Deeper into God’s Word 1 builds upon the principles learned in Grasping God’s Word, with specific attention to the in-depth study of a New Testament letter. Students begin to learn to make informed decisions about biblical words, to read an entire letter as a whole and in light of the original situation in which it was written, and to understand how the epistles speak to the modern Christian. Doing so helps us apply the truths of these letters to our own walk with the Lord.