Know Your Numbers

Sunday October 22  |  11:30AM - 1:00PM in Sankey Hall

When was the last time you had your blood pressure checked? How about your blood glucose? Body Mass Index (BMI)? For some, it’s been too long. That’s why we’re here to help!

On Sunday October 22, medical professionals who serve as part of MERT (Medical Emergency Response Team) will be on-hand to provide complimentary personal health assessment measurements and feedback.

Team members will also be available to answer questions on chronic disease prevention and health maintenance including topics such as:

  • mental health awareness

  • pediatric health and safety

  • sharing community resources

Additionally, Walgreens will be on-site to administer flu shots.

Pre-registration is open, although walk-ins will be accepted on a space-available basis. For information or to register, stop by the Philip Teams kiosk in Memorial Hall, or contact the MERT team.